Where To Get Cheap Domain Names For Your Website Or Blog


Where To Get Cheap Domain Names For Your Website Or Blog

With all of the places to go online to buy domain names I had to give my favorite place that I like to purchase my domain names for my websites and blogs. Now there is no right or wrong place, it’s just my preference.  That place is Go Daddy, and I have a special link that you can click here if you would like a .com domain name for a one time price of $2.99 that’s 80% OFF the Regular Price!

I have been using Godaddy for years now and love the prices, the customer service, and the self service platform and would always refer them over and other domain company.  Now even though I like buying domains from them I do not host my websites and blogs with them so I will make a blog post about where I like to host my websites later.  Because I don’t host my domain names  on their platform I have to change the nameservers to the webs hosting company that I prefer to use.  Now if you don’t know how to transfer your domain name to a different company for web hosting then someone could charge up to $75 to do it for you which is why I am going to make a new blog post on how to do it yourself for free.    But check out the video below which explains more on why I like buying domain names on Godaddy.  If you have questions feel free to email me on the contact page.

$2.99 .Com at GoDaddy!

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