How Keyword External Tools And Keyword Research Helps Get Traffic

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How Keyword External Tools And Keyword Research Helps Get Traffic


google keyword external tool
google keyword external tool

Keyword research and keyword external tools are the most important components of being found online.  Because the internet is inundated with billions of webpages its gonna be a task to get your website to be seen by people surfing the internet.  After finding out what your website is going to be about or what market your going into you need to get ready to build your website.  

Before making your first blog post on your website or blog go to any keyword external tool such as Google keyword external tool or Jaaxy and do the necessary keyword research, to kind the golden nuggets or keywords that you can rank for on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. To do this can take as little as 5 minutes to an hour depending on how competitive the market is that you are in and what kind of keyword external tool that you are using.

The key to these golden nuggets or great keywords is to look for high searches and low competition as the videos below will show you.  You want many people searching for the keyword and a very few people competing for it which will make it easier for you to rank on the first page of the search engine and get traffic and visitors to your website.

Now that you have the keyword research and are using the keyword external tools to do this work and find the keywords to use.  You need to put the keywords strategically on your blog post.  Use the keyword in your title, in your description, throughout your article and as tags and categories on your blog.  This will help with your on page seo and rank you higher.  There are many other things to do to rank even higher, but for the purposes of this article this is how you get a good start with your keyword research and keyword external tools.  I have a product that will teach you more on this that only costs $25 per month, simply click here for this blogging system and get to ranking on the Google and start making money.  You can also watch this video for how to make money online and learn how while you earn.

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