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This website is to help people discover the freedom that they can have when they embrace their inner self and use their abilities to help others with their entrepreneurial skills. We were all put here on this earth in this place and this time for a reason and that is simply love. However, throughout this life we have things that we have to do to obtain and maintain a certain amount of abundance (materially) for ourselves and others such as are family, friends and yes even strangers that helps life to be easier and more complete.

In this life we need & desire to be fulfilled spiritually, in relationships, health, wealth, and our career.  I am here to tell you of how you can fulfill the career or purpose that you have been put here for to help others.  In this you will be greatly rewarded with money or material wealth.

Hello, my name is Karen Carter and I have been rewarded by helping others, having the universe pay me back or give me good karma as much as I give out indeed I do get back.

My story is one of struggle like most who aren’t born with a silver spoon.  I went to school, received good grades went to college for computer science graduated in 2008 and then all the jobs or careers that I took student loans out for were shipped off from America to other countries leaving me with no job and yes it was hard.  I was and still an a single mother of 2 children and had no clue what I was going to do, especially adding a new debt of over 50K worth of student loans. I started scanning the internet to see how I could make money just so we could make it.  I started with selling products on ebay, amazon, taking surveys, posting ads, virtual assistance, writing articles and list is endless.  Then I stumbled upon internet marketing.  I started buying products from so called guru’s, following all kinds of people that taught this stuff and read and watched books and videos on marketing and started myself in 2009.  I bought a lot of crap some products were good though, but that was few.  I failed and failed and failed and finally failed my way to success and became profitable in internet and affiliate marketing in 2012!  I have videos telling more of my story and I hope that you do watch as you will discover that I have been deep in the poor house and finally I can sleep at night knowing the bills are paid and I don’t have to tell the kids wait for me to get money in 2 weeks to get their needs for school etc. But can instantly pay for anything they need the moment they need it.  I know that sounds simple but when your struggling a $50 book for school is a lot because bills comes first.

Well, I finally had my breakthrough and am very grateful for that. I discovered the way to financial freedom and I would love to teach you what that is and how you to can be financially free and yes even rich or better yet wealthy.  It is true that there are internet millionaires and lots of them. I am not there yet but I am on the way, I am making a 6 figure income annually however, which my net wealth or net worth is growing.  If you want to know more and know how this is done, simply bookmark this website and sign up for my email newsletter below.  So you can get tips, tools, coaching and mentorship on the much needed knowledge on how to be successful in this business.



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